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Those who paid the ultimate price while in the service of their country had their names written in the Roll of Honor on state documents and monuments.  Four Wallick soldiers from the State of Ohio died in the war.  Three of them are listed in Ohio's Roll of Honor but for some unknown reason Henry M. Wallick was omitted.  It is an unfortunate oversite for he, without question, should be included in that list.

                         Roll of Honor

William D. Wallick- Died of disease at Cumberland, MD.  February 26, 1862

Isaiah Wallick- Died of wounds at Missionary Ridge, TN. November 27, 1863

Henry M. Wallick- Killed in action at Chester Station, VA.  May 10, 1864

Elias Wallick- Died of wounds at Opequon Creek, VA. September 23, 1864

                      Prisoners of War

Michael, 27th  IN-  Prisoner May 23, 1862 - September 18, 1862.  Captured at Buckton Station, VA.  Paroled, exchanged and then rejoined his regiment.  Incarcerated on Belle Island and Libby Prison, Richmond, VA. 

William, 51st  IN- Prisoner May 3, 1863 - February 9, 1864. Captured near Rome, GA.  Tunneler and one of 109 officers who escaped from Libby Prison on the night of February 9, 1864.  He then rejoined his regiment.

Elijah 102nd OH- Prisoner September 24, 1864 - March 16, 1865.  Captured at Fort Athens, AL.  Paroled, awaiting exchange when war ended. Incarcerated at Cahaba Federal Prison, Cahaba, AL.




















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